Wintertime woes: OWS solves power problem (picked up by MSNBC)

March 5th, 2012

Initially the photodesk sent me down to Zuccotti Park to cover a story about some church in Brooklyn bringing blankets across the bridge to help support the occupiers. See, it was the edge of winter, and the police had recently swept through and taken all the generators (their purposes, though stated in terms of safety, were quite obvious).

But I had kept up with the news, both through linear means (CNN, NBC, NYT, etc) and nonlinear (social media, and popular posting sites). On my way into the city that day, on a Reddit post about the authorities taking generators, I read a comment that mentioned occupiers using bicycles to generate electricity.

I never waited for the church group.

As soon as I got down there, I found the guys responsible, a group called “Time’s Up.” I interviewed a few people and then shot back to the Daily to post produce.

MSNBC, RACHEL MADDOW buy story from NY Daily

Story gains momentum, Triumph the Puppet Dog gets involved

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