Weeks 2 and 3 – Damn

April 21st, 2012

No photo here. Not yet. Not ready yet.

I know my last post was a bit angry. Stuff comes flooding back sometimes and it’s simultaneously so beautiful and so full of sorrow, and a deep longing for something better, that I can’t help but be frustrated/mournful that other people can’t feel it like I do, or worse, choose not to.

It was a bit over the top I know, but having hit the year anniversary of mom’s death and being out here with 19 year-old killers who go, in all other ways, pretty much ignored by America (aside from yellow ribbons and not being overtly called baby killers) … it sort of had me a bit on edge.

No excuses though, I am what I am.

This is not what you’re looking for, I know.

There will be a more comprehensive post soon, detailing trials and tribs, etc.

Spent a week living in hell, another recovering.

One thing I can say, if I ever have half the character of any of those men on the field those days, then I’ll be a succesful man.

Keep you posted soon. Going back out. Be back soon.


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