OWS students runs amok through Manhattan

March 5th, 2012

Perhaps one of my more wild assignments. Again, Occupy Wall Street. College protests started at Union Square, with the plan to march down to the financial district. The Union Square protests quickly swelled. It seemed like thousands. As the speakers wrapped up, the crowd began to flow south. What started as a trickle soon became a mass, then a maelstrom. Streets closed down as hundreds of people ran wild through intersections. This is Manhattan. I befriended a fellow veteran along the way, a guy in intelligence (ostensibly now working for the NYPD, though he didn’t disclose that).

Police on scooters, all in a line, ran down several protesters. Men on foot, with batons, came in behind them.

We ended up all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

[[[Since New York Daily News doesn’t like to get plays on their videos, they disabled embedding, so you can watch here.]]]

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