Geoffrey Ingersoll

Geoffrey Ingersoll is a journalist, documentarian, writer, photographer, and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A love for words led Geoffrey to study American literature as an English major at Penn State University. He graduated in 2004 and then, after becoming a Teach For America reject, enlisted in the Marine Corps the following year.

He attended the Defense Information School and graduated with basic designations in Print as well as Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs. He deployed to Iraq twice, once in 2006 and again in 2008. He also deployed to the DMZ in the Republic of Korea.

Back in the States, he managed the Marine Corps’ award winning Metro Format newspaper “The Camp Pendleton Scout.” Prior to ending service in 2009, he founded the 1st Marine Logistics Group’s online publication “The Convoy,” which is still published today, informing upward of 20,000 Marines, Sailors, and their families.

Geoffrey graduated from NYU’s News and Documentary masters program in January 2012 and headed to Afghanistan. He spent a week trolling around the country in a soft-skin vehicle, talking to locals. Then he embedded with Marines in Helmand.

Upon his return, he began writing full-time for Business Insider’s Military and Defense vertical, eventually taking over the section as an editor. He then moved on to Marine Corps Times, where he acted as managing editor, until he resigned to seek new things in life.

As a writer, Geoffrey’s background is the military, American Politics and Foreign Policy, Pop Culture and Media Analysis; he also has deep interest in individual people, their many different walks of life, and what story each walk has to tell.

He has won a few awards for journalism and photography in the Marine Corps, and also has published pieces of long-form nonfiction in the Anamesa Journal and Salon.