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Wintertime woes: OWS solves power problem (picked up by MSNBC)

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Initially the photodesk sent me down to Zuccotti Park to cover a story about some church in Brooklyn bringing blankets across the bridge to help support the occupiers. See, it was the edge of winter, and the police had recently swept through and taken all the generators (their purposes, though stated in terms of safety, […]

OWS students runs amok through Manhattan

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Perhaps one of my more wild assignments. Again, Occupy Wall Street. College protests started at Union Square, with the plan to march down to the financial district. The Union Square protests quickly swelled. It seemed like thousands. As the speakers wrapped up, the crowd began to flow south. What started as a trickle soon became […]

Altercation between Journalist and cop Sparks protest mayhem

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I had been covering occupy for a few months. By that time, several splinters had spun off the movement. Local leaders and advocates staged a stop and frisk march to protest in front of a local precinct. As a video reporter for the New York Daily News, I had to go cover the event, which […]

Radiohead didn’t occupy wall street

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Following the epic clearing of OWS, promoters of the movement made a few desperate attempts to get people to come back out. The Radiohead demographic seemed to fit perfectly, at least in terms of age, if not so much in terms of class. I saw a lot of things at OWS, this might have been […]

Veteran’s Day parade, NYC

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Yes, I had to cover things aside from OWS. The Veterans Day Parade is a yearly event in NYC that draws a large crowd, two-war country considered. Covering vets and war is an easy thing for me; I am one and I’ve been to a couple. Here’s the results: [[[Since New York Daily News doesn’t […]

Jackson Browne and Stephan Jenkins rock Occupy

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This event was the lamest. Not for the music. The music was great. It was just when I asked Jackson Browne “why now,” his response was, “why not?” … well … particularly … because no one was there anymore? Music was great, and once it was over, it was over and everyone left. Not the […]

OWS: Cornell West arrested

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If you ask me, it’s not Cornell West who’s the hero here, the heroes are the journalist and the occupier who took the brunt of the brutality. West and OWS leaders had forewarned the NYPD, and an agreement was set for certain people to be arrested in protest. Somehow, to me, that’s not the definition […]

Holy Cannoli

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My first assignment for New York Daily News. Needless to say, it was interesting. Some of these competitive eaters are famous in their own little circles. I shot this on DSLR cameras capable of both professional-quality photos and video. I would later shoot the rest of my assignments with my own DSLR camera. Now watch […]