Howell Raines: The Changing Face of Journalism


Nestled down a windy back road in the woodsy Pocono fringes that make up New York City’s subconscious suburbs, there stands a modest gray house, and in it, Howell Raines has a Kindle. “Have you seen these things? I love ‘em,” says Raines, “I’m convinced they’ll become a necessity for anyone researching a Ph.D.” It’s […]

Napalm Sticks to Kids: A Marine’s Thoughts

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TWO IN THE HEART, ONE IN THE MIND: A Marine’s brief thoughts on Hearts and Minds ——————— It’s hard for me to talk about. I can’t help but laugh, most times with a bit of despair, like when that one interview talked about fighting a battle without any “drawers.” I was the only one in […]

Commentary: Jayson Blair’s Shitty Book


Somebody please call a wambulance. Mr. Blair is crying. Again. He cried at the Times. He cried in his girlfriend’s apartment. He cried at the “looney bin.” He cried in Union Square and even at Emmett’s Bar. He cried and he cried – and then he cried some more. For 298 pages, Mr. Blair cried […]

Parody: New York Times Ethics Manual

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One can find the real ethics manual HERE Our ethics professor at NYU asked us to write a paper concerning ethics and the NYT’s approach. This is what I wrote. ——————- When not working, staff members must remain in a cardboard box. Staff members may not poke breathing holes in the box. If staff members […]

Client 9: Roasting Spitzer

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What was he thinking? No. I’m not talking about Eliot’s fraternizing with high-end prostitutes. I’m talking about Eliot’s fraternizing with high-end journalists. But here he goes, without second thought, rushing headlong into it, mouth agape, tail wagging, as excited as a dog with balls. So for Gibney it’s flame on, grab your pen, charge your […]

Jesus Camp: The Liberal Omission

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I’m just as guilty, though admittedly not exactly liberal. Regardless, the tidal wave of crazy swept me up from the very first scene. With an unflinching hypocrisy, camp director Becky Fischer believes fire must be fought with fire. Kids on Fire. If Islam militarizes its children, then so too must she. In her conviction she […]

Michael Moore – A “Cubic” Method


Method: Michael Moore’s Assault Rifle Documentaries: Three of ‘em (Repeat Shopper) I’m in Kuwait. 2008. Summer. Heat. Heeeeeat. Shimmering heat that makes your eyes sweat and your skin cry, it’s quick, it gets inside you, like burning metal, and it wraps around you, a fiery blanket, an IED. Destination Iraq: second tour, back in the […]

Alex Gibney’s trip: Psychotropics, Perception, Fiction and Truth

Hunter S (1). Thompson

*What follows is an essay, a “final” paper in one of my masters classes, which covers Alex Gibney and three of his works. Gibney’s Trip Stirring, I noticed I had her underwear on. The sun always came through the windows first thing, tiny bedroom, windows bright, light, light, curling through smoke and dust in pillars […]

Buck: A documentarian’s approach


Cindy Meehl is a documentary filmmaker who had the opportunity to document a rare look into the life of famed “Horse Whisperer” Buck Brannaman, who, it just so happens, is just as famed for telling journalists to look elsewhere for their stories. All except for Cindy. Cindy Meehl: The Buck Whisperer Like horses trust him, […]

Essay: To Die In Jerusalem


“Lines” All the world’s a stage, and we the actors upon it – was what I took from Mother Courage. Now as I speculate this paper, I think about lines. The lines we must speak, and the lines we musn’t; also the lines we are bound to cross, even though we musn’t. I’m reminded of […]

The Journalist and the Joker: A response to Janet Malcom

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Janet Malcom wrote a book called “The Journalist and The Murderer” which attempted to diagram the ethics of a journalist and to what extent he or she should have a relationship with subjects. What follows is a paper I wrote for ethics class detailing that we have no choice but to have relationships with our […]